Oud Imperial

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Oud Imperial

Oud Imperial

Product description
Product description

Oud Imperial - Luxury Brand Perfume

Character - Oriental


Notes: White Oud, Musk

Longevity: 12 Hours
Projection: 5 Hours

Maison De Fouzdar Presents Oud Imperial: A Luxury Brand Perfume Masterpiece

An Impressive blend of white oud & musk, the subtle floral notes of this fragrance come together to create a heady, sensual aura.  Elevate your fragrance collection with Oud Imperial, Maison De Fouzdar's bespoke perfume. Made to cater to both genders, it's a delightful harmony of olfactory notes designed for those who appreciate quality scents.

Best Oud Perfume for Women: Oud Imperial

Delicate yet daring, Oud Imperial is one of the finest women's scents, exemplifying the richness of oud in a surprisingly subtle and feminine manner. It's a fragrance that speaks volumes about your sophistication.

Unveiling the Best Oud Perfume for Men: Oud Imperial

Oud Imperial is a revelation in the world of men's fragrances. The carefully curated balance between intensity and subtleness makes it a distinguished choice for the contemporary man.

Maison De Fouzdar's Commitment to Unisex Perfumes

Every spray of Oud Imperial reveals a new facet of its complex, rich character. A single whiff takes you on an aromatic journey, weaving a story that resonates with each individual differently. Inclusivity and diversity are at the core of our brand ethos. Oud Imperial, a quintessential luxury brand perfumes, embodies this principle, exuding a universal appeal that transcends gender boundaries. Oud Imperial, a testament to our fragrance expertise, redefines luxury with each spritz. This scent transcends the usual, leaving a memorable, personal impression on everyone who encounters it.

Embrace the world of Maison De Fouzdar with Oud Imperial, a fragrance that defies norms and embraces individuality. It's not just a perfume; it's an expression of style, charisma, and unapologetic luxury.

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