Our Story

An olfactory tale, dedicated to excellence

I elevate your mood
I recharge your spirit
I renew your circle
You wear me
I carry your persona.

Wonder how the tale of One Thousand and One Arabian Nights would smell if it was preserved in a perfume bottle!

When you try a Middle Eastern perfume, you are not simply indulging in a
perfumed mélange of notes. You are pampering your senses in a blend of
exoticism, history, tradition, and romance. The souks are immersed in
timeless fragrances and these are emulated in the themed perfumes, the
ones we adore so much. Whether they are combined together or the single
notes are the leitmotif, these perfumes carry the magical desert
scent-laden heaven on their heart notes.

And magic was waiting to happen. Ventured into the
perfume-scape, Ms. Dimple Fouzdar, a part-artist, part-scientist, a
full-scale creative perfumer, a rare species indeed. According to the
BBC, there are reportedly more astronauts than perfumers in the world.
Ms. Fouzdar had a clear intent – to convey emotions, create beautiful
moments, and jog unforgettable memories. She reimagined it all to
fashion a creation that would beautifully blend this oudh-ish fragrance
with western allure, that could be adorned with equal ease in any of the
global fashionable hubs.

Not surprisingly for the Fouzdar lineage
comprises a rich heritage. The clan led kings of yore to victory as
much as enterprises to success in Europe and Persia. With fragrance in
her genealogy, Ms. Fouzdar advocates a legacy of distinction.

three years of burning the midnight oil and fervor for brilliance, she
eventually discovered an array of fragrances that could gratify all
types of people who desired to feel special. As a trailblazer, she
visualized men and women who would like to express themselves and their
aura better with their fragrances – an assorted fusion of the mysterious
and the modern. This is why, the fragrant creations are unisex, beyond
boundaries, while enriching personas.

Every fragrance pulsates
with the spirit of the world – the glam of Paris, the vivacity of Italy,
the stride of New York, and the intrigue of the east. All the
essentials convene to form confident, divine, rare, and styled molecules
to conjure the inherent poise within us.

The enigmatic trail of
the fragrances is adorned with the vigor of their hints, their
intransigence, and the sanctity of their elements. The magic continues,
with oils sourced from the Middle East and France, harmonized by master
perfumers and navigated by the fragrant future vision of Ms. Fouzdar,
procreating peerless molecular art forms – our perfumes, appointed to
enrapture your being as much as destined to be your tale.